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Toronto Bills, Pisarcik=Losman: What next?

Posted on: December 16, 2008 8:19 pm
Edited on: December 16, 2008 8:24 pm
Here we are, Week 16, and the Bills are doing worse than ever, going 1-7 since a 5-1 start. The 'Toronto' Bills, as they are jokingly known to many NFL fans, might in fact leave if this heartache that has turned into a full-fledged triple bypass keeps up like this. Sure, Ralph Wilson said he would never sell, but he's not far from not being the Bills owner anymore, so that means little. The NFL said what they had to, the New York state officials played their part, but in the end the dollars and the perception are very dangerous. The very fact that the Bills were so bad in Toronto may have saved them from at least being mildly interesting to the Canadian fans, and thank God for that. I just feel so badly for all of the past Bills who made the franchise strong only to see it lapse back into 1970's mode when Ralph Wilson was called very cheap and the Bills had no quarterbacks to speak of.

Speaking of quarterbacks, most of the nation saw J.P. Losman LOSE us the game by not securing the ball in a loss to the Jets on Sunday. The play call, made by Jauron, was just as bad but by no means as bad as a "veteran" QB carrying the rock like it was a ham sandwich. Losman cost himself hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the chance of EVER being considered a starting quarterback in the NFL. We had the opportunity to embarass the Jets in Jersey, but of course it ends up being a monumental reversal. This is why even when teams are at their worst, it can ALWAYS get even worse than worst. 0-16 and an unintentional safety is better than 6-10 and that Losman fumble, that's for sure!

What's next, Buffalo Bills? It had better be offiensive linemen, and fast, or we're sunk. Put Mike "Fatso" Williams behind you and get us some Wolfords and Richters, already!!!
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